December 8, 2011

A Future Professional No More

I am an official graduate of the Hair Academy. I can't believe my time there is done it went by way too quickly. I have loved every single minute of my schooling and secretly wish it wasn't over. To say that I have loved hair school would be an understatement, it was the best decision I could  have at that point in my life, I truely found myself  at school and have grown so much. I've met some of the greatest people in the world and made some of my best friends. I will miss it so much but can't wait to see what the future hold's for me.  The hair industry is the greatest place to be I couldn't have asked for a better career, I'm so grateful for all the time I spent at Paul Mitchell and all the experiences and knowledge I am walking away with. 

And now for a long strew of picture's completely unorganized and un-tailolred to look blog beautiful. I apologize now for the ugliness and the caption's under the pictures. However I didn't post a lot about school on the blog, mostly just uploaded a bunch of picture's to facebook and  I want my family to able to see a little bit of what I have done in school since they never got the chance to come to Rexburg. So bear with me.

 Class picture on my first day of school.
Me on the first day of school. 
Me and my friend Kaitlyn shortly out of core. 
Organic facial class. 
Me and CH. (when we really become friends)
Good friend Stacie before she left for the summer. 
Face paintings and crazy up-do's for a carnival. 
Me, Emma, and CH on Courtney Palmer theme day. More like Courtney Palmer theme minute.
Dustin with his good friend Dolly. 
Me and the other Courtney playing on a bouncy thing at a Design Team event. 
Talmage (phase two Learning Leader) and Dustin with a bun. 
Free Hugs day.
The Dream team at another Design team event. 

We usually dressed alike. Another design team event. 
At yet another Design team event doing hair for Junior Miss. 
You guessed it Design Team doing hair for a carnival in Porter Park in Rexburg.  They were out of volunteer shirt's so I stand out really well. I must have done 50 different up-do's that day it was crazy!
Eating really late after a Design Team event. Obviously I loved Design Team. 
The group of us who went to Beacon in Vegas this past July. 
Coloring Stacie's hair. 
Nail class with CH.
Pedicures in core. I got over my foot phobia pretty quick after this. 
Phase Two skit. We did a dance for our learning leader who had just recently come back from a training, and made paper beard's to look like mini Tal's. 
Phase two training. 
Having fun at Design Team. 
Attempting a bun on Dustin. 
Design team volunteered to help out at a youth triathalon. 
Best friends. Love these guys!

I've had so much fun this past year I'm so sad to see this time in my life go. But I guess that's how life is, now on to the next big adventure.


  1. Looks like the best place ever to go to school! I have always wanted to go to hair school... Hm... Maybe I still can!

  2. I just want to cry looking at all those pictures!! I miss you so much!:) p.s you never called me today and you said you would..that makes three three hours and forty five mins til you're a liar.