December 9, 2011

Fancy Friday

Top: Target. Sweater: Lucky. Pants/Jewelry: F21. Shoes: Gap. Belt: H&M

The days have been jumbled together since graduating and I didn't even realize that today would have been a Fancy Friday post until uploading these pictures. Josh who usually takes Fancy Friday pictures has been extremely busy as well and we haven't gotten together to do a shoot in awhile. So here's a not so fancy Fancy Friday. These were taken a couple week's ago, but Rexburg hasn't changed much we are still snow free. I can't believe it, and will have probably jinked all of us rexburgians because of writing that.

I've been waiting to graduate to start packing up the apartment so I would actually have time to do it. I love/hate moving. It's so nice to go through all of your stuff and get rid of old thing's you don't need. But then it suck's when you want to keep too much and it won't fit in the car. I love  moving into a new apartment and getting to decorate all over again. And having that fresh clean feeling. We've lived in the apartment we are in now for two and half years and sometimes it starts to feel old. So wish me luck on de-junking and packing! Hope you have a Fancy weekend.

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