November 17, 2010

New York

We just can't get enough of the city. David recently returned to New York with the School last week. We paid very little for the trip and it was a huge blessing he got to go. Most the kids going are looking for Internships, but David went looking for a future a job. I am proud to say he did an amazing job. He printed 15 resumes to hand out and handed them all out but 1 in only 2 days. Intense! New York is more of a reality now. I would say we are about 98% positive we will be moving there for sure. This time next year I will be packing up this apartment and moving to the other side of the country. I can't wait. I hope this year goes by quickly!

Picture above is a little welcome home greeting I made for David and a little sneak peek of our newly decorated bedroom. Which I am so excited about! It looks so good! More of that to come later.

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  1. Yea! New York! I've never been to New York or York for that matter. I always thought one day I would but whatever road life finds you traveling the important thing to ask yourself is "am I happy where I am now?" They say happiness is where you find it; I've found happiness is where you take it. In other words if happiness isn't where I am it will never be anywhere. I love you guys.