February 14, 2013

How We Met

 Dress/Tights: Gap, Shoes: Target, Sweater: F21, Belt: H&M. 

I wrote this story out on our family blog and thought it would be fun to share here in honor of one of my favorite holidays. Although I have left out a lot of details so you wouldn't have to read a novel this morning (you're welcome)  it took up two very long posts on my other blog.    

This first part of the story David doesn't remember, which I think makes the story all the greater!

It was April 2007 the first time I was to ever go to General Conference, my best friends and I would all be traveling down to Salt Lake for big weekend.

After attending one of the morning sessions we walked around the temple grounds, as we were walking in between the temple and the reflection pond, I ran into an old friend from Texas.  One of my friends with me was also from Texas and the three of us quickly began talking and soon learned the old friend was also there with her boyfriend..... 
However we never actually were introduced to him, the groups we were with were large and we just quickly chatted before heading our own separate ways. I don't remember much of the conversation we had but I do remember her gorgeous boyfriend. He was so handsome in his perfectly tailored suite and beautiful blonde curly hair. 

I had never planned on meeting David or dating him, however fast forward two months later to June. It's the middle of the summer semester and I'm living it up in Rexburg. I haven't thought too much about this David Palmer in fact I've pretty much forgotten about him. That is until I run into him again! 

Now this is the part David remembers. 

One Sunday (June 10th to be exact)  I go to visit a friends ward on campus and as we are walking into the make shift room of an on campus chapel I just happened to look up and see no other than David Palmer himself sitting up on the stand preparing to give a talk, and wearing that exact same suite I saw him in two months previous. Unfortunately the first speaker took too long (shock) and David was unable to speak that Sunday. I left after sacrament to go have lunch at my friends apartment and this is where it gets really good

I was sitting on the couch when all the other roommates started to come home from church and who should walk in next but David Palmer
I know it's too good!  Little did I know he was just as surprised to see me. He had seen my walk into the chapel earlier that morning as well.

He played it very cool, in fact I don't even remember him even noticing me. He changed and left the apartment shortly after arriving, but then he came back. And what does he do? Grabs a stool and sits right in front of me to watch some TV.  So I knew I just had to talk to him. I mean the odds were definitely in my favor this day.

I can’t remember much of the conversation from there,but we talked for a good while. Later that day I went home to my own apartment and hung out with my roommates. That night I was checking my facebook and there was a little message from David asking me out on a date.... 

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. You met him January 07 at my apartment for the Ohio State bowl game! He came to see my roommate Nicole and u came with Brandon and your friends!!! :)

    1. haha really? I don't even remember that. I don't think we actually talked though did we?

  2. Isn't it special how a breif encounter with someone can become a most precious memory! I remember meeting my sweet love at a pizza parlor, but really thinking nothing of it. Now I have his ring on my finger, haha!

  3. What a cute story for Valentine's Day! :)

    Ashley @

  4. That jacket is adorable!
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