July 9, 2009


We went to Yellowstone last Thursday and Friday for the Four day weekend and it was so much fun! I bought a tent back when we we're still in Denver and we finally got to use it. We saw lots of animals and lots of bugs! We weren't really roughing it though, down the street there was a Store, restaurant, grocery store, and showers which we gladly used Friday morning before exploring the rest of Yellowstone. Tin Foil DinnersPenny gifts from the penny store! David got me a slinky!I got Dave a Harmonica Phase 10
The Moon!
Old Faithful! Last time I was in Yellowstone I didn't get to see it go off so I was determined to see it no matter what! Luckily it went off a couple minutes after I set up the tri-pod. I was kind of disapointed in old faithful! It really didn't go as high as people said it would. Maybe next time...

I LOVE my tri-pod it lets me take cool picture like this!
Hiking up to the water fall
Setting up our Campsite

Calling for the Chipmunks, they never came except later that n ight they attacked our tent! Way to go Dave! I still LOVE YOU!

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  1. I've never been to Yellowstone. It looks beautiful. I like the pictures. Can't wait to see more of your adventures!