January 26, 2011

O dear Diana

Please stop snowing snow!I love to watch you fall but hate to clean you off my car, and hate even more to have to wake up poor David to go clean the car for me. He likes his sleep. I keep telling myself it's our last winter here, but I don't know what good that is doing since we will be moving to New York right in the middle of next year's winter. So I might as well get use to it. Life is great not much going on. I am almost at 600 hours of school, I can't believe how quickly it has gone by. I'm still loving it, however some days are hard and I wonder what I have gotten myself into. David is in his 3rd to last semester. I can't believe that either. Coco is fully adjusted to life with me and David and has tried to get away with everything she can think of. Including jumping on the counters. Her favorite thing to do is sit in front of the heaters and sleep. Surprise. She is my little lap kitty, and I love it o so much! Lot's of pictures of me on our Sunday walk with my favorite toy. I need to get those pictures developed soon to share. Happy Winter everyone!

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  1. I look forward to the pictures. I would like to see some more of Coco too if you have any. I enjoy seeing you in the pictures. These are nice. I love you.