January 2, 2011

A Year in review

In January I started to work for Bajio again but this time in Idaho Falls, David started school again, and we learned that his graduation date would have to be pushed back a little. In February, we had a great time celebrating valentines day and I made lot's of valentines decorations.

In March we had a really fun painting date, celebrated the Oscars with Friends. David got into the BFA program, and I couldn't be more proud.

In April we went to Utah for Brittany's graduation from BYU. We celebrated David's 25th birthday, and I threw him a surprise party.

In May David surprised me with an amazing weekend to Salt Lake to go shopping. Bryan came to visit us for a weekend, and I went to Texas for my good friend's wedding.

In June I turned 22. We went camping. And we found out that poor David broke his ankle way back in April but luckily he was ok.

In July we swam at out favorite spot. Celebrated one of my favorite 4th of July's ever. Also celebrated our 2 year anniversary! I accomplished my first big hike to the most beautiful place on earth!and I graduated from BYU-Idaho with my associates degree!

In August David surprised me with a trip to New York. Then we attended Steven and Margeaux's wedding in Washington. Our tire blew out on the way to Seattle, and we had to buy all new tires. We spent time with David's family, went on the underground tour, and ate shrimp. In September we went to Texas for 2 weeks to visit my family. David had 4 cavities and we had to drive all the way to Waller, Texas to get them fixed. I made a big change and started at Paul Mitchell, David went to school for the first time in the fall, and we ate some yummy food including Taco Cabana 8 times.

In October we dressed like nerds for Halloween and Rexburg got it's first snow storm of the year.

In Novemeber we celebrated thanksgiving at our house just the two of us. We were able to spend some time with David's family in Idaho Falls.

In December we celebrated our 4th anniversary of when David proposed. We made sushi for the first time, Buddy cat had to be put to sleep, and we celebrated another Christmas together. Last but not least we added our little Coco to the family.
Wow! We did a lot! It's amazing how quickly another year has gone by. Goodbye 2010!

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