November 15, 2011

Gratitude Attitude.

At Paul Mitchell we follow a Be Nice culture, simply put be nice to other's. We received a book our first day of school called Be Nice Or Else. It's an awesome book about how to be nicer to yourself and everyone around you and then surely good thing's will come to pass. In one chapter the author talk's about being grateful for the thing's that are thought of as negative in our life's. Turning around the negative into something positive. For example I am grateful for my high electric bill because that mean's I am warm. Since I've kind of dropped the ball on my daily gratitude list I thought I would share a few thing's that I wouldn't usually give thanks for.

I am grateful for a cat that wake's me up early because that mean's I have a pet. 

I am grateful for my little apartment because that mean's I have less to clean.

I am grateful for a huge wish list from J. Crew because that mean's I have something to work towards.

I am grateful for all my friend's who've graduated because that mean's I get to make new one's. 

I am grateful for the cold because I will appreciate Summer more. 

I am grateful I get to go to school today because I will learn.

I am grateful the plasma center's truck is so loud in the morning because someone will be helped.

I would love to hear what thing's you wouldn't usually give thanks for.


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  1. Courtney.

    This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for this post.

    I am grateful that we didn't get either of the housing management jobs that we applied for last week because that means that something even more perfect for us is just around the corner.