November 7, 2011

Welcome Winter

Dress: Diesel, Tights: Urban, Boots: Old Navy.

It snowed over the weekend, and it's been freezing outside ever since. I was hoping the bitter cold would wait until after Thanksgiving but O well. I've spent my whole day trying to figure out a way to get a license in Idaho so I can take my state board's next week to be a licensed cosmetologist. But I don't have the right proof of address and I don't have the right marriage license. I didn't know one marriage license was more correct than the other. Heaven help me! So now I'm currently waiting for two different people to call me back it's a big mess. So at this point I may or may not be taking my test next week. Hopefully all is well tomorrow.


  1. okay girlfriend. listen here.
    you look so gorgeous. love your makeup!!!:)
    you need to teach me how to do that.

    love and miss youuuu!

  2. Thanks Stesha! K CH I will show when you come back most excited to see you!