August 15, 2013

Family Photos

As I promised (almost a month ago, oops) here are the rest of the photos we took with Tara for our family photos last year. Yes we took this last summer, as you can see I'm really on top of my game. But we are working on getting these framed and hung up as we speak so there is some productivity.

We rented a canoe from the ORC, took it out to Nature park in Rexburg and Tara worked her magic. She took all these from the shore, while it was raining, and while she was pregnant! Impressive! I'm just as obsessed with this half of the photos as I am the other half, I'm having a really hard time deciding which ones to hang, and you will see why!

 ^^ I'm thinking we will for sure hang this one^^
 ^^ Where was this girl for our wedding? Seriously amazing!^^

Huge thanks again to Tara, and to Davids brother Steven and his wife Margeaux for running around behind the scenes getting things ready!


  1. I love these pictures!! I'm not going to lie...I didn't understand fully the canoe concept while we were scouting locations...but wow! Just wow!! Now I want our next family pictures in a boat. Very good call Courtney! :)


  2. These photos are beautiful! What a happy looking couple!

    I'm new to your blog and I'm so gad I found it!
    Have a great weekend!

    -Heidi Harlequin