May 3, 2012

Top: F21, Skirt/Shoes: H&M, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Necklaces: F21. 

 Here's a little sneak peek into the my other life as a hairdresser. Black and White is required but usually I just end up wearing all black as you can see. I feel like I live a lot of different lives recently. Student, blogger, hairdresser, wife. Cat Lover.... No cat lover?  Fine.

It's like a crazy whirl wind of personalities everyday, and I love it. 

I also have this other personality that I literally just named Susy sir shop a lots. Where the second she gets a lot of money she feels the need to SPEND!! 

So Maybe you guys can help Susy sir shops a lots out. She was thinking of going to Utah this weekend because Davids family is in town. And of course  Utah=shopping. 

But here's the thing in June David is taking me (Susy) on a surprise birthday trip somewhere and I know for a fact there will be great shopping. 

So do I not go to Utah and not spend the money?

Or do I go and spend the money because I can probably save up more anyways? I also really need some new shoes and Susy needs a stripe shirt, just saying. 



  1. you're so, so beautiful. i love you in monochrome! i'm actually an administrative assistant at a salon a couple days a i completely get the dress code. sometimes black day in and day out gets a little tiring...i'm sort of happy i'm there just 2 days a week now because it was getting too much for me to handle! but you look just stunning, as always. and i say go to utah! do a *little* shopping. life's too short, and you can save the money up. xo.

    1. It does get a little old, good thing it's only two days for me as well. Haha ya it would only be a *little* shopping nothing crazy!

  2. Hahaha I have the same dilemas! Pay day = shopping day to me. Not good for saving! But hey, you probably shouldn't deny Susy a striped top... ;)

    1. Hahaha thank you for indulging in my crazy talk of Susy.

  3. LOVE the black on black - so fabulous! And why don't you go to Utah, but just don't overdo it - that way you have money to spend on the birthday trip too :) Easier said than done, I know!

    The Other Side of Gray

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    xoxo Marika

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