May 14, 2012

Let me tell you a few little things you should know about me.

A. I am the worst at taking pictures on trips/vacations. Unless it is somwhere I've never been.
B. I do not wear "new" outfits on trips to Utah, I pack things that are comfy yet cute. Especially last minute trips to Utah when I do not have time to find something new. So no outfit pics for you.

Now some things about our trip to the great valley of Salt Lake.

A. First things first, I ate a Burger. As in RED MEAT! A huge let down, fried chicken is much better.
B. Big thanks to the Mike and Annie for letting us stay with them very last minute.
C. Utah is a confusing place Salt Lake is not the same as Draper or Murry.
D. We hung out with Family and that was great.
E. We are addicted to IKEAs low prices. enough said.
F. Shopping is way better in Utah than Rexburg. enough said.
G. I don't know if Salt Lake is in a valley I  might have made that up.


  1. first of all. i share your infatuation with ketchup. true story. second of all. that cake is just gorgeous. third of all. you are just pure lovely.

    happy monday friend!

  2. just love this all around. you have THE most amazing hair, for the record. teach me how you do it! you're so beautiful.