May 22, 2012

Dress turned skirt: Anthropologie, Sweater: F21, Belt: Old Navy, Shoes: UO Lips: Lady Danger (review here)

Dear Rexburg, You really know how to toss a girls hair around. Congratulations I think you've beat out Chicago for title of windiest city.

Dear So Bronze, Thanks for being my best friend since the top knot came around, and making my pasty legs all bronzeified even if you can't tell in these pictures.

Dear Mario, I'm becoming obsessed with you, also your Ice World is far too hard.

Dear Car, thanks for starting for me this morning maybe we can do that again this afternoon.

Dear June, please come sooner. I have a lot of fun things planned for me and you and I can't wait to get started.

Sincerely your wind tossed, bronzed legged, mario playing, car driving, June loving girl.  



  1. I LOVE this outfit.
    jfoasdhfnsgoshgoh=how i feel about JUNE.

    love you and your sexy bronze legs.

  2. Haha the wind always has a way of springing up just for outfit shoots! You still manage to look gorgeous though :) Love the stripes plus orange top - so chic! And I'm in serious need of some tanner too, these legs are scary pale... ;)

    Life Etc

  3. This is an amazing outfit! I love the stripes :) Your makeup is stunning! You sure found your perfect shade of red. I love this look!

  4. love the dress-turned-skirt...always a great way to refashion. and that sweater is so darling. xo.

  5. Great outfit, and yes, self-tanner is the best!

    Seize the Styles