October 3, 2012

It's Ok

(Fall is here)

It's Ok.....

- To do this post without an actual outfit. (since when does the sun go down at 7?)

- To eat Taco Bell two days in a row.....

- If you get in your PJ's as soon as you get home. 

- To park you scooter in a spot you know is not allowed, but you also happen to know this particular spot never gets checked. As far as you know.

- If you still haven't mailed a birthday gift that is now almost a month late. Yikes! I don't know how to make time for the post office.

- To rely a little too much on the dry shampoo. 

-If your the only one who didn't get the joke. 

- If your told your bishop that he should call your husband to scouts knowing it was his least favorite thing growing up. (It will be good for him) 

- If you had a long venting party last night to relieve some of the pain. (thanks for listening hubs)

Now it's your turn, leave your it's ok moments in the comments below.


  1. It's ok to end a long hard day at the office with a few glasses of wine even though it is Tuesday.

  2. How about Chick-Fil-A two days in a row...and going to work with wet hair two days in a row? Guilty. :/ It's been one of those week's I tell ya.

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  4. it's ok to barely drag yourself in to work in the morning and look forward to when the day is done. Right? And i totally get in to my pj's right away. Best part of the day. ha

  5. HAHAHAHAHA omg the scouts one is killing me. Derek is the same way. That's why he wants all daughters. Umm..it's okay if I am freaking over the moon excited I get to see my husband tomorrow after over a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh my gosh! totally do the straight into pajama's as soon as we get home.

    its okay to eat one too many scones from me and stans. (if you haven't been- go. idaho falls. best scones- ever.)

  7. It's ok to be up past midnight every night this week working on an assignment, but still find time to read blogs! Oops :)

    Life etc

  8. Oh yum Taco Bell.

    It's totally ok to get a care package from the boyfriend with chocolate bars and eat all three chocolate bars immediately.


  9. its ok to have senioritis, as long as i end up graduating, right?

    love this post.


  10. i really enjoyed this post! i don't usually read posts (i like to just look at the pictures) but this was humerous! all of this totally okay!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  11. Ahah I totally see myself in some of your sentences (getting in my PJ's as soon as I get home, being the only one who doesn't get the joke and the delay for the Bday gift!)