February 12, 2014

Dancing with my Baby

Jeans: Gap Jacket/Shirt: J.Crew Necklace: F21 Shoes: H&M

One of my new year goals was to cook more, usually I just wait for David to get home and he cooks us up something while I play with Rivers or clean up the mess Rivers had made through out the day. But this usually results in us eating later than we want and by the time we eat I've gotten so hangry (being angry because you're so hungry) that dinner is no fun for anyone. Or we ditch making dinner and go out to eat which is no good for the budget or our waistline. So this week I've been starting dinner around 4 which makes that last hour of the day go by much faster and no one is hangry.

Usually Rivers plays in the living room destroying the book shelf or whatever else he can find, but today Rivers would not take his afternoon nap and was probably getting a little hangry himself so I had to hold him while making dinner. Usually music is playing while I cook and in an effort to soothe my little baby I began to dance with him and for a few short minutes my sweet baby boy nestled into my shoulder and let me sway with him to the sound of the Iron & Wine pandora station playing from the small speakers of my iphone. And even though I was frustrated with him for not taking his nap and for refusing on a daily basis to not take naps in his crib but instead in my arms, I was reminded for a moment that all the hard work I do and all the naps that do not get taken are worth it for those short moments where he shows me how much he loves me and I can feel that he knows I love him just as much if not more.


  1. What a great way to look at what could be a frustrating day. I am sure being a new mom has its challenges but it sounds like your taking the good with the maybe not so perfect and soaking up all that good.

  2. Great casual look! Your hair looks so pretty!'


  3. you look so cute. and also i think rivers is probably the best baby name i have ever heard.