February 13, 2014


A Home:

We've started the slow hunt for a home! Four walls and a roof to call our own. While this is so so  exciting it's also very disappointing. I didn't realize buying a home was such a game! How am I suppose to compete with an offer having no clue what the other offer is? These sellers are pulling at the heart strings of poor families just make a few extra thousand. It's pitiful. I'm also just grumpy because we lost a home to this exact scenario, the home that would have been absolutely perfect for us.

But now that more than twenty four hours have passed and I'm not as sad as I was last night, I have faith that something better will come along, and hopefully something we don't have to stretch the budget for. I've gotten so caught up in the look of my home I need to remind myself what really makes house a home.

Because what really makes the perfect home? Surely it is not the price tag or location, but rather a place where there are enough rooms to fit all my future babies. Where they can spread their legs and run and be free from the cares of the world. It is a place where the kitchen is spacious enough to hold all the laughter frustration and tears that will come its way. A backyard large enough to hold camp outs, water fights, and a kitchen table to eat our dinner under the summer sky. Where a garden can be grown and a little puppy can call home. A dining area big enough to hold all the friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner, and a living room spacious enough for us to gather around at the end of the day and spend that precious time together as a family. 

Most importantly home is a place where we can come and feel safe from the world and know that it is here we are loved and cared for. That here the most important things are celebrated, Family.

*My amazing sister-in-law made this for me for Christmas using water color and cut out each and every little flower. It's so beautiful and amazingly detailed. If you want one of your own family she is starting her own shop. E-mail her at seafoamandevergreen@gmail.com


  1. Lovely post! Fingers crossed something comes up! Also, I need a water color print. Thanks for the info!

  2. House hunting is so hard. I thought it would be fun and magical. I'd always dreamed about owning my own home. It's stressful and emotional for sure. What you said is exactly right though. Find a place where your kids can grow and you can build your own memories. Wishing you luck. I feel the pain but I know the joy you'll soon feel!