May 6, 2014

A First Birthday Party

I was talking to my very first blog reader (my dad) the other day and he commented that it had been so long since I updated the blog since my San Francisco here we come post that people probably thought I had died in San Francisco. This made me and laugh and so I decided I would break the radio silence to show off Rivers first birthday party we threw for him last month... Progress!

The idea was to keep everything as simple and stress free as possible. We invited a small handful of friends and family over for breakfast on Saturday morning and kept the food simple with donuts, bagels, and fruit so I wouldn't have to stress about making any food. The only real activity planned was the cake smash (he hated it) which gave plenty of time for the kids to just play and the adults to enjoy each others company. 

Instead of gifts we invited our guests to bring a small donation to Rivers college fund, something we already donate to each month ourselves, but we thought it would be nicer to bring something for his future instead of a random gift we will most likely give to goodwill in a couple years.

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy! We Love You To The Moon and Back!


  1. How cute! I love that you had people donate to his college fund... kids have too many toys this day in age!

  2. that face! i guess he really loved the cake...

  3. I am so sorry we could not make it.....Ryker had a 103 + fever, I didn't want to get him or anyone else sick for that matter.
    We love you guys, we need to see your faces, call us!!!! We would love to babysit.....Happy Birthday:)


  4. Such cute birthday party decorations! I truly loved these party pictures. Gratitude for this precious blog post. I also celebrated my daughter’s first birthday a few days ago. We had reserved one of the domestic San Francisco venues for the bash. Everyone enjoyed this party to the fullest.