May 9, 2014

The City by the Bay

Oh San Francisco how you stole our hearts! I day dream of living underneath your beautiful blue skies and inside your gorgeous walk up apartments, playing with my baby in your luscious parks (the parks! I've never seen a city with better parks!) , then strolling your streets at night after eating a long dinner and soaking your energy all in.

Seriously though there was this energy everywhere we went and it felt like a smaller sunnier New York City. I feel like there isn't that kind of energy in the little suburb of Utah that we live but that's another thing. It was a short trip to the bay, we flew in Friday night and left very early Monday morning. We were able to cross off almost off of the tourist spots in two days, walking everywhere we were able to see a lot more than we would have driving or on a bus.

My  best friend from Idaho now lives a couple hours out of the city in a town called Davis and she with her husband were able to come and play with us on Saturday. Short back story, both of our husbands had cancer at the same time and that kind of stuff really bonds you so it was so great to see her and catch up and actually talk face to face! I condensed a lot of the pictures to fit in this one "small' post, since it was almost three months ago that we went to San Francisco I didn't want to drag it out more than I already have....Ahh!

^^ The palace of fine arts makes you want to fall in love (all over again)^^
^^We didn't actually ride a trolly but they sure are fun to look at.^^
^^We drove down Lombard street like every other tourist there that day. How can you not?^^
^^ Painted Ladies.^^
^^ Ghirardelli square, the history of Ghirardelli is actually pretty cool and his chocolate isn't too bad either. ^^
Thank you for such a lovely time San Francisco, hopefully we will be seeing you soon!

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