December 9, 2014

Basic Series//Tinted Moisturizer

I was watching a friends video the other day and came to realize that I had been using a beauty product all wrong! I couldn't believe that I had owned this item for over a year and had never learned how to use it correctly.

Then I had another experience where I was at Target with a friend and I said I was looking for a new concealer to try and she literally said she didn't even know how to use canceler or what it was used for. I was blown away!

It made me think, how often do we buy a new makeup product just because it's popular but we don't actually know how to use it. Or we are told in makeup tutorials that we should be using certain products but we don't really know why and maybe there are some of us out there that truly don't know what concealer is and we need a basic intro in something as simple as that.

So I've decided to start a basic series where I can explain the basics of beauty products, from the new and popular to the old and trusted.

I made my first video in the series about Tinted Moisturizer because I feel like it is still fairly new and everyone seems to be using Tinted Moisturizer over foundation these days.

In this video I talk about three things. 1. What is tinted moisturizer. 2. How does it compare to BB creams and foundation. and 3. How to apply it.

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