December 17, 2014

Building a Wardrobe// Part 2

I'm so excited to be continuing on with this series! You can read part one (here)  Like I said in my previous post we are learning how to build a wardrobe together. I try something and then I share it here.

If you're wanting to build a more solid wardrobe I'm guessing you had the same problem I did. You have A LOT of clothes but nothing goes together. You've got a million different styles in your closet and you buy whatever and whenever.

The first thing I did was purge my closet. I got rid of probably 90% of all the items I never wear, I wish I could have gotten rid of more but financially I couldn't go and replace everything. I also wasn't emotionally ready to get rid of all of it either.

So after the big purge I like doing "baby purges" and this has helped a ton. By removing items from your closet and simple storing them somewhere else you're letting the items go mentally, teaching yourself you don't actually need them, and allowing yourself to see what your closet really needs.

The idea is that whatever is left hanging in your closet are all the items you actually wear on a regular basis. You cannot create a new wardrobe until you can really see what you are needing, and you cannot really see what you are in need of with a closet filled to the brim.

How to PURGE:

1. The Baby Purge: Create 3 sections to put your clothes into. One to keep, one to store, and one to donate/sale.

2. Go through your closet and divide the entire thing into those sections. I'm serious take out every single item and put it in a section.

3. Put the donate/sale pile into a bag and get it out of sight.

4. Now look again at section 1 & 2. Are you keeping too much? Should you put more in storage? The items going back into your closet should be items you wear regularly. Even if it's not an item that you want as part of the finale wardrobe, you need stuff to wear while you collect your new pieces.

5. Create a space for the items that are going to be stored for a few months. You want them out of sight, do not put these back on the hanger or in your dresser. I store mine under the bed in a slide out drawer. But you could put them in a box in your closet or hall or kitchen. Just get them out of sight.

6. Put the rest of the items in your closet. After all this you should have significantly less in your closet, unless you have an insane amount of clothing to go through. You know your closet and you know your limits. Do what you can.

7. Pick a time frame to go back and do this whole process again. I chose 3 months, but if you want more time take more. If you want to get this done faster do less. It's up to you!

8. 3 months later (or whatever time you chose) go back and look at the stored items first. Hopefully you will realize you never wear those items and you will just donate them.

9. Then go through your closet again. Do steps 1-8.

While I probably sold half of my closet on Instagram a few months back there is still a lot of work to be done with getting rid of the old, but there is even more work with bringing in the new. So really it's all  a balancing act

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