December 11, 2014

Prepping your closet for Winter

Growing up in Texas the weather didn't change too much so my wardrobe stayed pretty consistent. I would add a coat in the winter and take it out in the summer. But after having lived in the colder weather for over 6 years I know how important it is to rotate your closet during seasons.

To prep my closet for winter I first make sure I have a place to store all my summer clothing. Then I begin to take out and sort my summer clothing, I make a pile to store and a pile to donate. I then bring in all my winter items back into the closet to replace the summer items and put those summer items in storage. Pretty simple but can make a huge difference.

By only keeping the current seasons items in your closet you will have more room to store it all and this will making getting dressed much easier. Half of your closet will not be dedicated to items that aren't appropriate for that season, and you can pick and choose quickly what to wear.


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