November 24, 2014

Building a Wardrobe // Part I

For over a year I have been fascinated with the idea of building a wardrobe and setting a specific style for myself. I realized that even though I had a lot of clothes none of them really worked with each other, every item was it's own thing and there were multiple different styles living in my closet.

When I went out to shop I had a hard time knowing what to buy. But with a wardrobe wouldn't I already know what my closet was lacking? Items coming into my closet would fulfill a need and they would work with the group. Every outfit would essentially have the same vibe, the same feel.

To some this may sound boring but to me it's fascinating, to me it's what a style should be.

I want my style to be more defined I want to really know my style, what are the key words and phrases that define my style. What are the colors and energy of my style. How nice would it would to have a closet filled with beautiful thought out pieces instead of a crammed closet full of pieces you don't really want and none of them really go together.

I don't really have answers as to how to go about all this. This isn't a post of step by step guidelines but more just starting the discussion of it. I think it would be more beneficial to go through it together as I am learning for myself instead of coming at you with a ton of information and discoveries.

I know this is not a project I will finish over the course of a few months, rather I feel like it will take me years. I need the time to do trial and errors on my style, I need time to purge the old and buy the new. To start over if it goes bad...

A few months back I took the first step by purging my closet so next week I will be sharing what I did and how it went. I can't wait to really start this and to share it with you all.


  1. I love this stuff. You've probably heard of this, but I'd recommend looking up Caroline of Un-Fancy. Her blog is about capsule wardrobes and it sounds like some of her explanations as to building a wardrobe you love might help.

    Her site is

  2. Yes I love her blog! She has great ideas that I will most likely try out.

  3. I soo need this! I have so many clothes that I don't like because a.) they don't go with anything, and b.) they don't fit me anymore because of baby. Lately, I have been resorting to the "jeans and t-shirt" motif. I really want to look and feel more put together, while maintaining the comfort factor. I also am in search of my defining style. I'm going to be following this...