November 17, 2014

5 Drugstore Lipsticks for Fall

We've all been there! Spending hours in the Target beauty section trying to sneak on a coat or two of a lipstick we are hoping will look good, peeling back the stickers and attempting to remove the plastic wrapping that screams DON'T TRY ME ON! Then theres always the other girl the one who keeps getting in your way trying to do the same kind of trickery making the both of you look very obvious! Ughh!

Needless to say buying drugstore makeup can be overwhelming and extremely frustrating! With so many different brands to choose from and so many different types of lipstick with in one brand I usually leave Target with my head spinning and with a product I have no idea if I'm going to love!

So I've narrowed it down for you, I always find it helpful to see what others have bought and liked taking the guessing out of it. After a few years of playing the drugstore game I have found 5 different shades of lipstick for Fall. The best part is half of these shades I wear in the summer as well! I hope this helps make your drugstore lipstick hunt a little easier!


  1. Loved this video! I am such a lipstick/lip gloss hoarder :)