November 11, 2014

Lush Haul

 I discovered Lush shortly after getting pregnant and their bath bombs became my biggest pregnancy indulgence and post pregnancy life safer! After a long exhausting day of being a mama a Lush Bath Bomb is my favorite way to relax and unwind. I took a trip to Lush last month to check out their Holiday limited edition items and walked out with a few more things than I bargained for.

Here is a little bit more detail on the items I got it for this Haul:

1. So White Bath Bomb:
Getting right to it I would not buy this bomb again. If you're going to try only a few holiday bombs this year this would not be the one. While it was relaxing and peaceful and the smell was lovely I didn't feel like the smell was as strong as I would have hoped. Since I hadn't actually used the bath bomb when I filmed this video I didn't realize that the center was pink and there is a cream and tartar in the bomb giving your bath a little bit of bubbles. So that was a nice surprise.If you've used it let me know what you thought a lot of people love it and I guess it's a fan favorite so maybe it was just me.

2. Breath of Fresh Air:
I've been using this for awhile and I am in love, it's so refreshing to spritz yourself with a "breath of fresh air" right after you've cleansed your face in the morning or right before bed. I mostly bought this to assist the the moisturizer but I would suggest buying it on it's own if you wanted. Lush suggest putting in the fridge for an even fresher feel or using it while flying or at work.

3. Cleansers:
Lush is awesome with their samples, I walked out with 3 large samples of some of their cleansers.
Angels on bareskin is by far my favorite I feel like it cleanses my skin while still leaving it mosturized. Let the good times roll was too oily feeling for me but was a great exfoliator and I wasen't the biggest fan of Buche De Noel I feel like they wanted a special holiday cleanser so they put this out but it's nothing fancy and not worth the trouble, I feel like angels on bareskin is very similar and you would be much happier with that.

 4. Celestial moisturizer:
I originally bought this because I felt like my old moisturizer was making my skin break and I needed something new with less chemicals. For those main reasons this moisturizer is doing a great job I feel like it's healing my skin and I love that it's a natural product. I feel like this is a totally personal preference because there isn't anything particularly "bad" about this moisturizer I just don't love it. The great thing about Lush is that if you don't like something you can return it no matter how you've used.

So there you have it my first YouTube haul and first lush haul! Let me know if there is a holiday item you are wanting to try I am planning on doing another Lush Haul closer to Christmas all about their holiday items! 

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