May 11, 2010

Brittany's Graduation

This post is very late coming, but it's coming. David's sister Brittany graduated from BYU and we went to Utah to be there for the celebration even though we missed the celebration.... we we're there for the after party! Were so proud of her for working so hard to graduate and so glad we got to see their new baby boy.
Maddy (sweetest little girl) enjoying something yummy........

Hailey is the daughter of one of David's Cousin's so i'm not sure what that makes Hailey to me? but she wore a dress cause she knew she was coming to see me and she knows that I love dresses. I thought that was so thoughtful for a little girl to remember something so silly as me liking to wear dresses that she would want to wear one when coming to see me and I love her for it!I love this girl! Who wouldn't? Check out those awesome dance moves she's so funny I love getting to stay with her and her amazing mom when we visit Utah. She's got a pretty cool brother as well but I didn't get any pictures of him.
just one of the kid's

too cute!
Grandpa and Grandma Palmer have ten children. Sadly Grandma Palmer passed away last August however I love to look at the picture wall they have in their home (behind everyone I should have taken a picture of it) of all their children and grand children and see the many people who have come into the world and into the church because of those two. Pretty cool! the boys
the girls
We went to Tony Caputo's I've talked about it before in said {post}
David has been wanting to take his mom there for awhile because he figured she would really like it and it's in a really cute part of downtown Salt Lake. If I had to live in Salt Lake that is probably where I would live.

then we went to a cute bakery next to Tony Caputo's and got some delicious treats.
The Salt Lake Temple has always been my favorite I use to dream of going there when I was little. and then on July 19th 2008 I did with David Palmer and was sealed for time and all eternity!
I love to see MY temple!
I'm a happy wife!

Thanks Palmer's for a great weekend and Congrats to Brittany!

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  1. Nice Blog. Great Pictures. Those kids are really cute. Even the big ones.

    Family is everything.