May 17, 2010

visitor (Bryan Palmer)

Bryan Palmer came to Rexburg, Idaho a couple of week's ago.
To visit the other Palmer boys and a new Palmer girl.

we took him to the best restaurant in my opinion all of Idaho.

The Snake Bite
I am not a huge lover of burger's.
I never order them at restaurant's but the snake bite knows how to do it right.
I can't not order this burger whenever I go.
I tried.
I couldn't do it.

Mr. Palmer (i love him)
Then we went to G's Dairy they sale Ice Cream.

This picture is somewhat blaspheme.
I am a Dairy Queen person through and through.
I would much rather be at Dairy Queen enjoying a Blizzard full or Oreo's.
That is unless there is Blue Bell around.
But I couldn't pass up taking a picture of me with a Cow.
Those who have been to Disney World with me know this very well.
The next night we went to the midnight showing up Iron Man 2
and I feel asleep 2 times.
But the boy's enjoyed it.
And I enjoyed my home brought popcorn and cookies.
Is this considered a lie? or stealing?

Thanks for coming to visit Bryan! It was a blast!
I hope you come our way again soon!
sorry for using so many (!) in your special post.
i know how you feel about them.


  1. i haven't checked blog world in a long time. you have posted so much. so cute.
    hailey was so funny looking at your post. we love you and we miss you. this next bit is from her.
    please come down a sleep hear again at our house. we should come up and see you, when you run. is there a kids k because i am good at those.
    love you

    are we still going to do the run? call me and let me know.

  2. COURTNEY!!! i discovered your blog! yay!! i'm not sure how exactly, but i'm so excited! this is bethany, btw. we should be blog buddies. mine and joe's blog is

    you look so happy. i love looking at all your GORGEOUS pictures. you've got talent.

  3. What about Breyers? No shout out for them? That my fav in a box. Of course poor Adam, I found out he's lactose intolerant and our #2 daughter. So I'm on a journey for a better substitute now...