May 24, 2010

Goodbye Curls

(after one of our first dates. I had mentioned that I wanted to go feed the Duck's in Idaho Falls and a couple day's later he surprised me with a trip to IF to feed the Duck's. So thoughtful! I knew I had found someone who would make me very happy!)

When I first met David he had long gorgeous curly locks. I loved them. I thought he looked so Handsome. Then I cut them off for him. Why did I agree to do this? I regret it because now he won't grow them back. He has tried twice since I cut them off the first time. Once while we were living in Denver he only lasted for a little under two months. Then this January I convinced him to grow his hair out again and for awhile I really thought he was going to do it. But he just couldn't handle it so I cut his hair. He poofed out his hair before I took these pictures it usually looks really good.

Dave be normalNormal!
ok he tried

the end.


  1. Looks good both ways. Uh... not the puffed look, the other with the curls I mean. Anyway, I suppose the short look is easier to manage with summer right around the corner.

  2. Men and their hair! Pure drama!