May 7, 2010

Dear Diet Coke,

I didn't know you had your own website why didn't you tell your faithful friend? I guess it has been a month since I've stopped by to say hello O how much can change in a month. I'm sorry I've been so distant but you see I don't think your that good for me. You've been a good friend though! With me through all the good times and the bad. You were there whenever I needed a little pick me up after a long day, you came on many a picnics with me, and we can't forget all those double date's with pizza and David what good times. I still visit cheese pizza often he's doing well but I think some time apart might do me good. Well I hope all is well I'm sure your quite busy with all the other ladies out there you are after all the most popular sugar-free drink in America. Here's to one month of separation! May another pass our way again!

Love your ex-loyal friend

1 comment:

  1. Dear Courtney,

    I realize now that our time may be ending. After the endless nights waiting for you at Horkley' long. May your life be ever blessed by our time together. I'm sure my sugar-free ingredients may cause cancer at some point, so maybe this is for the best. Good luck and god bless.

    Mr. Diet Coke