October 20, 2010

the end. New York.

Our last full day in New York was one of my favorites.
We went to Norma's for Breakfast.

Enjoying my way expensive french toast. Seriously the best I've ever had.
Don't worry I haven't stopped loving OJ it was just $8 for one glass.... yikes.
David got the Wazzle.
A waffle covered in a fruit puree then torched and covered in a sugary glaze and topped with more fruit. It was only 1 waffle but he couldn't finish.
The best part was the personal maple syrup.
It was an amazing place to eat breakfast our last day in the city, but really expensive.
We made ourselves feel better by saying we were going out to celebrate me receiving my associates, and I deserved it! Botany was NOT easy!

On the way out we stumbled on this. And I'm so glad we did. Because of this.

We did some last time shopping in the big city and then David had a big surprise for me!
We took the Subway over to Central Park and walked through what felt like the whole park.
It's so gorgeous!
met color me katie here.

My Surprise. Loved it!
After the boat ride we went home showered, and changed. (Much needed after being splashed with pond water by the stranger.) David then took me out to dinner for our last hooray.
the end.

* I know I have more pictures so even though I say this is the end. It's probably not.

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  1. All things come to and end, :( even the happy ones. I love the pictures. I'm a little jealous of that French Toast. Honestly it looked like you were trying to down an entire cake by yourself. What size was that plate!!
    Anyway, love the pics, love the story,
    love you. :)