October 14, 2010

Lombardi's Date

Yes we went to Lombardi's AGAIN! but how could we not go again it's too good. It was so hot this day I felt disgusting. So we went home showered and changed before going out to dinner. It was so much fun. I wasn't lugging around water bottles, shopping bags, and whatever else. We just walked around and enjoyed ourselves.

While at dinner we sat close to Jennifer Love Hewitt who I mistook for an annoying girl. Seriously she was picking at this guy's hair like a monkey. Then I realized who it was. I was embarrassed for her. She sat there for a long time picking hair and taking pictures. Weird. Good thing I don't like her anyways or I would have been seriously disappointed.

After dinner we stumbled upon Little Italy again. Funny how we are always finding ourselves in places without planning it. We got some Gelato at a cute little cafe. We had to eat outside because it cost more to sit inside. I love New York and it's separation of the rich and poor.

It was a really fun night, and it felt so good to be clean instead of gross and sticky.


  1. I take it that comment about the rich and poor was meant as sarcasm? It is so hard to tell when you don't know the person commenting much less when it is just written and you can't here their tone of voice. You are in the "big city" were space is a premium and they can charge for it. Now you know why most of America doesn't live there. Still, great pictures. Who was taking all the group shots of you and David?

  2. haha I was kidding. We just got that a lot and I think it's funny. Your right though space is a huge deal and they can charge for it. There was a group of people taking the same picture. So we asked if they would like to take ours.