October 11, 2010

A NYC Sunday

We thought about going to church this day, but then decided not to. Maybe I shouldn't be admitting that on here but o well.It didn't even feel like Sunday it was amazing. It always feel's like Sunday in Rexburg even if you skip out.

be prepared we ate a lot of food aka. pizza this day. don't be grossed out.

We unsucessfully found a chinese resturant called the Lunch Box (we found it the next day) but I'm so glad we didn't because we found the most amazing pizza place. I can't compare it to Lombardi's because they are two different kinds. But this place had my kind of pizza. I don't know how to explain how the kind of pizza I like is different maybe even almost better then the kind of good Lombardi's provides. Let's just say it was my favorite and I will go a lot when we live there. I can't remember the name but it was right next to the Empire State building.

For dinner we had.... Pizza. I know. We really love Pizza you have no idea. We went to Patsy's and then had planned to go to Serendipity after. Little did I know there was a Patsy's right down the street from serendipity, we walked forever from Patsy's to Serendipity only to have to wait another hour for a table. I should have known there was a Patsy's close by because me and my mom ate there when I went back in High School only we didn't know we were eating at (so i've heard) one of the best pizza places in the city. So we walked around trying to find another place to get dessert but couldn't, gave up, and went back to Serendipity. It was ridiculous! However we did end up meeting the guy from Will and grace. It was a silly night.


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  1. Ummmm... Icecream.
    Actually that pizza looks kinda gross but that desert looks to die for. Sorry sweetie but the pizza looks like its been stepped on.
    Love the photos love the subject. There is a story in that all too brief telling of your encounter with the star from "Will & Grace" I would have loved to have read more about. Otherwise great blog. I love you bunches!