March 11, 2015

Building a Wardrobe // Part 4: Mission Statement

Here is Part One, Two & Three of Building a Wardrobe in case you missed it.  

As I so promised in the last Building a Wardrobe post I have a little activity for you to do that will help determine what you want your new style to be. I broke it down into 4 mini exercises so by the end you will have a mission statement to help remind you why you started and where you want to be when you finish.

Having a mission statement when starting a big project or new adventure is huge for me. I often have a million tabs open in my brain and get distracted from  my main goal easily especially when I am using a resource like Pinterest. Sometimes I worry my Pinterest board and my reality don't match up,  but with a mission statement I can come back to what I need not what I think the internet whats me to have.

I explain each step I took and then afterwards I will go and show you how I did it as an example.

Here is an example of what I did for the exercise: 
Step One: 1. I feel like I dress like a 12 year old girl. 2. I never know what to buy when I go shopping. 3. I'm tired of having a closet filled with nothing to wear.

Step Two: Effortless, Comfortable Neutral, Feminine, Clean, Uniform, Mono Organized, Simple, Complete, Happy.

Step Three:
-I want a Uniform.
-I want to be able to run around with my little boy and not worry about my clothes.
-I want my closet to be clean and free of clutter.
-I want every piece to serve a purpose.
-All pieces to mix and match together.

Step Four: I took it from the context of someone asking me why I'm doing this project and then said it in the voice of a presidential candidate. Here is my Mission Statement:

To ban spontaneous purchases and over stuffed closets by discovering my true Courtney style. To create a uniform comfortable enough to chase children but still look good as an independent women.
And there you have it a simple activity to help keep you focused. Do it over breakfast tomorrow or tonight before bed, I did the activity in a small journal I carry around with me, that way I can go back anytime and look at my mission statement anytime.

Let me know if you do the acitivity and how it goes. I would love to read your mission statement if you're willing to share or shoot me an e-mail I really do mean when I say I would love to see how you are coming along.