September 13, 2010

NYC day 2

Day 2 was Hot & Humid the two things I hate the most.

but that was nothing compared to the subways. It only got worse under there. Even though I'm smiling I'm feeling pretty yuck. The subways were one of my favorite things about the city though even if they were a sauna.
We ate at the Starlight cafe for breakfast.
The food was pretty good, and you got a lot for very little.

There were also a lot of locals to watch. I liked when we found places where there weren't a lot of tourist, and just people doing their everyday thing. It felt like I was seeing the city as it really was instead of as a movie.
Since it was hot we decided today would be the perfect day
to spend at the MOMA inside out of the heat.

David's favorite exhibit
when you walked into the room it sounded like a bunch of people talking. But as you walked through the speakers you could hear individuals repeating the days of the week. My favorite was the wishing tree.
We walked around 5th avenue again to see the Plaza, and the famous Apple Store.

For dinner we had the best pizza we've ever tasted.
It was so good, and we are pizza lover's so we know what we are talking about.
So good in fact we went back again later in the week.

After a really long day of walking around in the heat we stumbled onto columbus circle and rested our feet and then ate some Pink berry.

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  1. Great Pictures;great story. I enjoyed "walking" around the city with you. I can't wait for the rest of the story. :) I love you guys.