September 19, 2010

NYC day 3

Day 3 started with David taking his portfolio around to get reviewed by a huge advertising agency. While David was busy being amazing I went and picked out some lipstick :)
The agency was conveniently next to my favorite building in New York, the Flat Iron building. (where I also bought my lipstick) so if he got a job there we could live next to or even better IN my favorite building. There is also a shack shake in the park next to the flat iron, a farmer's market, and then just to make sure I was completely in love with this neighborhood a Whole Foods also resides close by.

Washington Square

Yoga Man
Little Italy

This was one of my favorite days in the city. We did a lot of wondering around just discovering little things about the city. We went to this amazing restaurant called Stand where they serve a pretty good burger for way cheap considering how nice it was. We found a vintage shop that was way over priced but helpful, and a finally got to go a lomo store where I almost bought a Diana.

The agency loved David, they gave him a lot of guidance as to what to do to become better and they really liked his stuff. It was kind of a relief to know that he could get a job here if he wanted.


  1. I wish David much success. You too. The little back stories and pictures are great! I hope all your dreams come true. :)

  2. so jealous of your trip to NYC!!! love it. love all the pictures too. miss you guys and glad all is well!!! LOVE YOU!