September 22, 2010

some things.

This past week has flown by. Paul Mitchell is a lot of fun but it's also a lot of information in these first 6 weeks and I am very mentally tired at the end of the day. We are learning about color this week and it is confusing, interesting, exciting, and confusing. David is busy with school lot's of projects. I thought I would miss BYU-Idaho but I'm happy to say that I haven't and am glad to be where I am.

1. at the grocery store 2. David making me dinner before my first day at Paul Mitchell. 3. Cinnamon rolls for my 1st week completed. 4. Salmon dinner David was making in 2.

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  1. Hummmmmmm...... Yummy! That dinner looks good. So, is David concidering the culinary arts as an aside job? He could always specialize in fish. Speaking of which now, that wouldn't be the Frankenfish by any chance would it? I mean, those portions are HUGH! But still, it looks very yummy. :)