August 24, 2011


Skirt: Nordstrom, Shirt/Watch: Target, Shoes: H&M, Necklaces: Urban and Forever 21

I'm ashamed to admit this as a blogger, but I just figured out what Bloglovin' is and I have to say it's pretty amazing! I'm officially on there, so if that's the way you follow a blog here you go. (afancyday)
If your anything like me and it took you years to even adventure over to Bloglovin' you should really go check it out. It's amazing and such an easy way to find new blogs, because we all know how much we love to find new blogs to follow. I will put a link up on the side of the blog later.

I spent 5 hours yesterday doing hair in the park for an event Rexburg put on for young kid's about to go back to school. It was so much fun and after doing probably a hundred braids, buns, and whatever else I decided why not do my own hair. I never braid my own hair in fear it will look ridiculous but I think it turned out pretty good, more braids to come!

Have A Fancy Day!


  1. I have bloglovin but havent had a good look around, sounds like I need too. lovely photos.

  2. Yes you really should! It's so much easier to find new blogs and keep up on the blogs you do follow!