August 9, 2011

The Weekend

1. Had a picnic with friends. 2. Bike Racing in the park. 3. Besties. 4. Taking a picture of a picture/ Dusty is the Rat King in his rat shirt. 5. David went fishing. 6. Cliff Lake. 7. At the Snake Bite in Idaho Falls. 8. Veggie burger was o so delicious. 9. Waiting for my Oreo Shake at Scotty's. 10. Coco... in a box. 11. I love cereal.

If you follow me on twitter you got a small update on our awful camping experience,  never in my life have I had so many things go wrong in such a short amount of time. 

Let me explain tragedy after tragedy. We had planned to go camping at Cliff Lake, we had never been before so we didn't know there were only 5 campsites available. ALL were full, on a Monday. So we drive across the way to Wade Lake( cliff and wade are neighbors). It was closed for maintance. So we decide to swim in the Cliff lake since we are already there and plan to drive to Quake Lake after to camp. 

The lake was beautiful, but full of weird fish and lot's of bug's. We brought our blow up raft, but that was too good to be true, and it had a hole in it.  At this point my spirit's are still high. That was before I got attacked by a very large black bug with lot's of leg's. We left. Me crying.....

And the adventure continues. We can't find Quake Lake anywhere so we decide to drive to Ashton to go camping at this place called Warm River Campground. Online it say's that it cost's $10, which is all we have in cash. Perfect right? No we get there and it's $13, obviously we don't' have enough, so we drive to the nearest gas station and the ATM will not give us our cash. We have to call some number and make them give us back our cash. I know it never end's. Then the rain comes and we give up and drive home, move the mattress into the living room and call it camping, with s'more's roasted over the stove.

Sorry for the long story, I just had to share. Besides all of that we did have a really nice long weekend. Maybe we will be able to go camping before the summer is over if not there is a tent for sale if anyone is interested. 

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