August 4, 2011

Veggie Pie


-Mashed Potatoes
we were lazy and bought them in a bag, but if you want to be 
healthier and not follow my example which I wold suggest. 
Buy some real potatoes and make them yourself.
-Green Beans
-Red Peppers


1. Since our potatoes were from a bag we just followed the directions. 
We did get red potatoes with garlic and parmesean. 
So  you could easily make that from scratch.
2. Cut up veggies. 
3. Saute veggies in a big pan, with little butter and whatever seasonings you like. 
4. Put potatoes in a bottom of a bowl, put veggies on top and enjoy!

Sorry this isn't a very detailed recipe, but it's easy and as you know I love easy recipes. 
If you do decide to make it, I would love to hear how you did it 
and what you thought. Have A Fancy Day!

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