August 8, 2011

Love Yourself

Sometimes I can get consumed with new ideas for the blog, what kind of outfit's I want to put up, what kind of how to's I could share, vegetarian recipes, and the little events in our life. The blogging world has opened up a world of creativity for me, I have no rules or regulations to tell me what I would like to share with my audience. It's been a wonderful little hobby of mine. Lately however I've been thinking more deeply about the overall message  I'm trying to send, and how are other's portraying it. What do I really want this blog to be about, and what do I want others to get from it.

Often when looking at other fashion blogs I can get down on myself, for example " my outfits aren't that cute" "I'm not as skinny, pretty, funny, as her." " I don't write as well" I don't think this is the wish of any fashion blogger out there, but I'm sure I am not the only one with these thoughts.

I don't wish for anyone to look at my blog and feel down on themselves, I want this to be  a place of inspiration to other young girl's. To be an example to those who may be a little short on cash, like me. That we can dress well without emptying our wallets.

I recently read a post from Joanna Goodard from Cup of Jo where she talks about how our first instict is to compliment a little girl on her outward appearance, making them think their looks are the most important thing. However instead of talking about their looks, ask them about  books and ideas. Then when my mind was already on the topic a dear friend gave a lesson in church yesterday to the Women about inner beauty, and about how when we are kind, charitable, and happy we are truly beautiful. I think that really got me thinking about the blog, and what kind of message I was sending.  

I think Women are so hard on themselves because of the way they look, and I don't want this blog to be another source of harsh judement on yourself. I don't want to make others feel that our look's are all that matter's. I want those who follow to know that I don't go out and buy new clothes all the time, and if I do it's from H&M. Every outfit on this blog was already apart of my wardrobe, I'm just working with what I've got.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hope you come to this blog and feel inspired to try out new look's, and get more creative with what's in your closet. I love fashion and want to share that with others, but there is more to me and any woman than how we look that day. I hope I am not only inspiring Fashion, but also how to be your best self.  That's all, thanks for listening.

p.s.- the weekend post will probably come Wednesday, since I have today and tomorrow off. We have lot's of fun things planned, if the weather will cooperate.


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