April 9, 2012

Rich Kid Blues

Pants: F21. Cardigan: F21. Tank: F21, Shoes: Urban Outfitters. Lips: Siren. review here. Glasses: Target. Watch: Charming Charlies, Bracelets: Charming Charlies/Gift.

I wore this on Saturday for the husbands Birthday, a nice casual weekend outfit but still just Fancy enough to feel put together for his special day. We had a great weekend full of celebrations, I didn't want it to end.... and sadly my 4 month vacation is ending next week.

Ever since graduating from Paul Mitchell in December I've been living the high life. Only working at the Salon a couple days a week, and as for the rest of the week? That's right sleeping in, and doing whatever I want allll day. This is my last week of vacation, because I'll be going back to BYU-Idaho. I'm a little nervous about it, I've really gotten use to being a little house wife and sleeping in. Also it's been two years since I've been a traditional student, I hope I can handle it. eeek.

I wanted to welcome all those who are here from Busy Bee Lauren, and a big thanks to Lauren for mentioning me on her blog the other day. I'm so glad to have you here and hope you enjoy
A Fancy Day!

*note I am not calling myself rich (I'm not) it's a song title I was listening to the other day and thought it fit well with this post.  K Thanks!



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  2. this outfit is way too perfect! love the polka dots with the blue!

  3. I love how your outfit is comfortable, classic and unique. Those pants are awesome, and the 2 different types of polka dots work surprisingly well together.

    1. Thanks, I was surprised when I put the polkas together actually. I didn't think it was going to work.

  4. Hattitude Style Blog

    i love the polka dot on polkda dot. i'm real big in to patterns right now!

    those blue pants are out of this world. I must find me some. you always have such bright pants, it's GREAT!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  5. Lol. I love the disclaimer. AND the polka dots!