November 18, 2013

A Thanksgiving Table

Now that I'm a mother I find myself wanting to create special memories for my small family, I'm making a much bigger deal about the little things these days then ever before. A simple walk around the park becomes a new family tradition, Rivers bed time is a special time we get to spend together as a family with no distractions.

So as you can imagine the even bigger events like the holidays are a much bigger deal then ever before, and as such I have been planning and prepping for the holidays like a crazy person. Sure my little one isn't going to know the difference quite yet, but years from now when he is grown and gone I want him to look back with fondness at the time we spent as a family around the Holidays. I'm starting now to build those traditions that will last a lifetime. Do I sound like a Hallmark card yet? I really love the holidays ok.

We won't be spending any of the holidays with my family this year, so when my mom and sister decided to come visit us last minute from Texas last weekend I decided to host a mini Thanksgiving to share a small part of the holidays with them.

Although I planned on getting things for the table setting before they arrived,  I was sick right up until they came and never got around to it. However I still wanted it to be special and make the table look nice.

Pulling inspiration from the million images I pinned on pinterest I put this whole table setting together with things I already had in my house, literally spending $0. If you did want to re-create this look though you could probably do it for under $10 it was that easy.

The branches are from a bush outside my front door, I just simply cut them off and put them in a mason jar. The white pumpkins I had from Halloween and the candles are apart of my regular home decor. The twine was from my crafting box, and the name tags are watercolor paper that I wrote our names on with a black pen. The napkins are actually from the hotel my mom was staying at, and the pears were from that weeks shopping trip.


  1. Your table looks beautiful and you are so resourceful pulling this together without a trip to the store. To me, whipping it up that way is better than buying new stuff! Happy Holidays, looking forward to seeing what other special things you have planned.

    1. I agree, the fact that I didn't have to buy anything almost made it more special. Thank you so much though, I've never set a table before so it was fun to see it all come together.

  2. This is really pretty. Beautiful job.

    1. Thanks Margeaux!! I can't wait to try it again for real Thanksgiving.