November 15, 2013

Christmas Card Attire

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This will be our 6th Christmas together as a family and tomorrow we will be taking family pictures for our first ever Christmas card! I've always wanted to do one, but every year Christmas would sneak up on me and no card would have been made. This year though I am going all out for the grandest Christmas this little family has ever seen which includes a mega cute Christmas card showing off our cute new baby.

I was really stressing about what we were all going to wear. I feel like it's hard enough to pick out my own outfit on a daily basis let alone pick out outfits for two other people that have to match me AND look good in a picture. I kept putting it off for this stress factor alone, but now that it's down to the wire I really don't have time to go out and buy new things.

So I created an inspiration board of items that look similar to things we already own. This way I would know we would look good and matchy, matchy on paper. But who knows I may be running to the nearest J.Crew this afternoon and buying myself a new dress. I'm sure most of you are super organized and are on top of your Christmas Card shenanigans, but in case you are stressed and clueless like me, I hope this inspiration board helps! Happy Christmas Card creating!



  1. Love that grey dress! So chic and perfect for Christmas!

    A Southern Drawl
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    1. Isn't it great? So perfect for dressing up or down.