November 26, 2013

Bajillion Million

Dress: H&M | Jacket: J.Crew | Necklace/Booties: F21 

This, my friends, is the most comfortable dress in the world. Perfect for chasing after your crawling baby, running errands, eating big meals, and dressy enough to wear to church but not so much so you want to run home and pull it off. I've probably worn it a bajillion (yes that's a number) times before we finally got pictures of me in it, I blame the quickly setting sun, and my man child for this. But really the sun sets at 5:30 here it's miserable. I mean don't get me wrong Utah is beautiful and so are it's mountains but those mountains cut out a lot of precious sun time.

ooo the winter.....

Speaking of, only 3 more days until I can put up my Christmas decorations! I know Thanksgiving is only 2 days away woo hoo but really we all know it's the day after we are most excited about. No not black Friday I could really care less about that. It's the day that we can all put up our Christmas decorations and not feel guilty about not showing respect to the holiday that comes before the real fun. As hard as it is to wait I honestly don't mind, I don't like to spoil things by celebrating too soon, or openeing the present before it's time. If I were to put up the tree today the special day of after Thanksgiving would be ruined. It really has become a special tradition and starts our Christmas season off right!


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    1. Thank you so much!! You're always so kind.

  2. Your hair looks so pretty!

    1. Haha thank you, short hair has been such an adjustment so I appreciate that!!