November 20, 2013

Golden Giving

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I was never much of a crafter or DIY kind of gal until a good friend invited me over for crafting night last year in Rexburg, and am now I am all about making as many of my own decorations for the holidays as I can.  Our mini thanksgiving we hosted for my mom and sister at the beginning of the month was all green, but for the main event I'm really feeling a gold theme.

I haven't done too much decorating for Thanksgiving so far, the excitement of prepping for Christmas has really put Thanksgiving on the back burner. But with it coming up next week I want our place to look somewhat festive for our big feast, so here are a few crafts I think I can get done quickly to get our house looking a little more put together for the big day. Let's be honest though I will probably only end up doing #1, ok and maybe #4 but only because I never pass up a chance to use my gold spray paint. Happy crafting!!


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