February 21, 2012

Bun Tutorial

Here are two way's I style my ever so frequent bun. 

The first is a Doughnut bun or sock bun whatever you want to call it. Mara does a fabulous job of showing you how to make your own doughnut, but I'm not one for creating my own things I would much rather buy it. I found my doughnut at Sally's for under $4.
1-2. Brush you hair into a high pony tail. 
3. Place pony through doughnut.
4. Wrap ends of hair around the doughnut. 
5-6. Begin to roll the doughnut down your pony. I rotate between the sides and fronts to make it even.
Pin if needed and spray with a firm hold hairspray.

The Messy Bun is the Bun I wear most often. It's easy to to create and you don't need anything special. I usually wear this bun when my hair is too dirty to wear down but I still want to go one more day without washing it (cause I'm lazy.) So therefore it works best for me when my hair is a little dirty.
1-2. Brush hair into a high pony. 
3. Taking random sections of pony and begin to backcomb. The messier the better. 
4. Spray teased hair with a firm hold hairspray. 
5. Begin to wrap teased pony. This is definitely the hardest part for me. It takes at least 3 tries to get it where I want it. 
6. Pin into place. Sometimes I will pin the bun and then loosing it and make it a little bit messier.

So there you have it, the doughnut bun and the messy bun. Good Luck!


  1. omg i love this!!
    you are just gorgeous! love the lighting!
    and duh. love those buns:)

  2. You make it look so easy! I have curly hair... so it never turns out the way I want it to :(

    In the Light of Style

    1. You would have the ultimate messy bun with curly hair. Just get a nice sleek/tight pony and then don't tease it, just wrap it around. I bet it would look amazing.

  3. you did a great job with both of these!


    1. Thank you so much, it was a little tricky putting it into chronological steps.

  4. Thank you fot the tips. I never knew how to use this :p Do you think my hair is to short to do it, or the length doesn't matter?

    1. I have a friend with short hair you uses the doughnut and it looks fabulous on her. When I first met her I thought she had long hair because her bun looked so full. Just make sure you buy it in your hair color so it blends well. I would love to know how it goes for you.

  5. courtney, you guys live in the village?! haha oh man i recognized that place immediately. we lived there my last semester in school. how fun to see it again. how much longer do you guys have there? miss ya, girl.

  6. Love your tutorials!!!!