February 22, 2012

Hard Questions.

Blouse: Gap, Pants: American Eagle, Shoes: H&M, Belt: Downeast, Necklace: F21.

I know your thinking there is no way I wore this yesterday with the weather looking the way it does around me. Your right I didn't, not outside at least. I spent the whole day inside blogging, reading, eating, running (two miles thank you), and pinning. Tomorrow its back to the real world, good thing I love my job so much that it doesn't feel like the real world. 

What does feel like the real world is getting officially accepted into BYUI for the spring/fall track and now having to choose a major by April. Ahh the hardest question of my life is "what do I want to do with my life?"

I have plenty of answers to that question actually
-Live in New York.
- Create a pet shelter just for cats a cat house I call it. 
- Go shopping a lot. 
- See the world.
-Volunteer in Africa. 
- Learn to speak French. 
-Grow a garden of flowers, veggies, and fruits. 
- Raise some awesome kiddos. 
-  Learn how to cook... eventually. 
-Be able to knit some stuff. 
-Get a Bachelors degree in something and a masters.  

So based off this list I should first move to New York obviously, then study, culinary, humanities, french, horticulture, child development,  and clothing construction. 

How can you pick one thing that is going to decide what you wanna do for the rest of your life when you want to do EVERYTHING.

 I struggle with this. Open to suggestions.



  1. courtney! I love your blog. Your adorable, I wish I could just snatch your wardrobe up and wear it everyday! I also love that you want to create a cat house, that's so humanitarian of you!

  2. Ashley! Thank you so much you are too kind! haha thanks I do love the cats.

  3. I stumbled upon you blog as I was perusing others...and while this doesn't exactly answer your question in your post, I have to say your blog is lovely! I like it a lot! Hope you get to check off several items off your list. =)

  4. Nancy- Thanks so much for reading, I hope I get to as well.