February 2, 2012

Crayon Hearts

I made these Crayon Hearts a couple years ago for a simple Valentines day decoration. I'm not a big fan of the cheesy valentine decorations you usually see at the store but I thought these were simple enough and they take no time at all to make.  My old living room was always filled with sun so I hung them in the window to let the light shine through.

What you'll need:
 -Wax Paper.
- Crayons. 

1. Start with a large piece of wax paper. Fold it in half. Then unfold.

2. Shave your crayons with a pencil sharpener. I used reds and pinks
but you could add any color you want.

3. Spread the shavings all over one half of the wax paper. 
Make sure it's not too thick in any one spot. 

4. Fold the other half over the crayon shavings. 

5. Martha suggests putting craft paper over the wax to protect it
but I didn't have that so I just used a kitchen towel. 

6.Slowly iron over the wax paper, checking often to see if the crayon's have melted. 

7. After all the shavings have melted, let them cool.

8.Now you can cut out your hearts. You can trace hearts if you want, but I just did it free hand to make them more unique.

9.I had a hard time stringing the hearts, Martha doesn't really explain how to do this, so you might have  an easier way but I'll tell you what I did. 
10. I took a staple and poked a small hole in the hearts, then threaded the string through and tied a knot.



  1. I think it's awesome you guys went back to Rexburg! And good for you to go back to school! And it's even better you can work on the side! Amazing! :) Are you still in the same place or a cute little old house? That would totally fit you guys!

    1. That would be awesome if we could live in a cute little old house. We had to give up our old apartment when we moved to Seattle, and now we just live in the mass married housing. It's ok thought it's nice to live somewhere new, it helps us feel like we are doing something new.

  2. I love these crayon hearts. It's a sophisticated way to do my favorite Joy School craft. I think it would be so much fun to make. And yeah for Rexburg. That place has my heart.

  3. these are too adorable! I'm with you on the whole "cheesy valentine decorations". You've inspired to me to make something cute and classy! xoxo