February 10, 2012

Love Notes

For our first valentines day as a married couple David made me something really special that I still hold dear to this day. On 100 little square pieces of paper he wrote a 100 reasons as to why he loved me and stored them in a vase. So everyday for the next 100 days I would pull out a love note and read something about me that made him love me so much. Later on I glued each on into my journal to look back at later, so if there is ever a time I am feeling sad I can look at all the reasons that make me so special to him. 

So this year I decided to return the favor and write out a Mason Jar full of things that made me love David o so much. Each morning he picks out a Love note and I can hear him giggling from the bathroom as I get ready, I love that he is starting the day with a Love Note from me.

What You Need:
Paper. (I used thick cardstock)
Vase or Jar. 


1 comment:

  1. This is really really cute! Glad I found your blog! Going to do something like this for the husband!
    Thanks for the idea!