February 1, 2012

Celebrate Love

I love valentines day, like really really love Valentines day, though my husband would say I love all holiday days, which is not true. However either way I wanted to do something special for Valentines day on the blog. So in honor of my "favorite" holiday I am doing a Celebration of Love everyday until the big one four. I've got some cool things planned for you, including some amazing giveaways. Did you hear that? 


And not just any kind of giveaway, I've got some incredible stuff worth grabbing. But you've got to be a follower of a A Fancy Day to participate, so all you closeted stalkers it's time for you to show yourself.

To start off I thought I would do a gift guide for that special guy in our lives. We all know that Valentines day is really all about us. But even they deserve something special for how awesome they make us feel. But shopping for guys on Valentines day can be really hard so I came up with these 9 gifts that are to sure to make them feel extra loved this year. 

1.Keel's Simple Diary. Journal keeping made easy. 
2. Duffle bag for the gym or romantic weekend getaways. 
3. Socks, to keep him stylish and warm. 
4. Spectacles for your long summer picnics.
5. Birdie, to hold his most important love notes on his desk. 
6. MacBook cover to keep his computer safe while he cruises around town.
7. Everyone loves more Music. 
8. To hold his favorite picture of you. 
9. Old school shaving kit to keep him at his most kissable.

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