February 16, 2012

Valentines Day

We had a fabulous Valentines Day, and were able to spend most of the day together. David had to go to Idaho Falls in the afternoon for his first radiation treatment and I brought him some Jimmy Johns to eat on the way down. Then we did some shopping for kitchen ware, we are trying to re build from everything we gave away or sold. (not fun)

That night David built me a fort, and we ate dinner by candle light. He even went out and bought new fancy plates for the occassion. Then he took me to the Cocoa Bean to pick out a cupcake. It was perfectly simple and sweet!

We also found out on Valentines day that we get to move into a bigger apartment in March instead of having to wait until July. This means bigger closet, and a kitchen table! 
Pretty awesome Valentines gift if you ask me.

Also don't forget that the Giveaway closes tonight at midnight. So go enter if you still need to. I will announce the winner tomorrow.


  1. Yay for bigger apartment! Sounds like a great day!

  2. You wanna hear something funny? I made a tent and heart garland too.. great minds think alike!


  3. oh my gosh, no way, is that a fort??!! AWESOME! : ) you guys seriously have the most creative dates I've seen out of any married couple I know. THat is so cool. Please keep doing that after you have kids!! YOu'll find yourselves teaching the marriage class in church cause you'll be such a great example to everyone else. haha.